Vintage Tractor Grill Wall Light/Sconce with Headlights


Vintage Tractor Grill Sconce

  • Custom lighting features giving a unique glowing effect
  • Clear-coated for protection
  • LED Lighting
  • Price is for local pickup or contact us for a shipping quote to the lower 48 states

This tractor grill has been made into a wall sconce with low power LED inserts in the headlights as well as an LED strip that gives a back-light glow that looks amazing. LEDs offer incredibly low power (negligible electric bill impact) while also outlasting traditional bulbs. This wall hanging can be shipped with flying leads to be hardwired or with a plug for typical wall outlet use. All LED lighting is 110VAC.  All components are original, and everything is made in the USA.  Pricing is for local pickup, but we do ship to the lower 48 states.  Contact us for a shipping quote.

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 8 × 27 in